Thursday, January 4, 2018

Going to High School Mammoth Trip?

High School Winter Event: Mammoth
Leaders: Andi Berryman, Amy Long, Dean Mallory and Dave Doerr
Departing: Friday, January 19 3:30pm Church Parking Lot
Returning: Sunday, January 21 4:00pm Church Parking Lot
Packing List:
         Warm clothing for 3 days- Think about layers
2       Snow boots or extra shoes for snow play
3      Water proof gloves, beanie/hat
4     Thermals/long johns
6      Flip Flops for shower (floor is cold)
7      Slippers (floor is cold) and pjs
8     Flash Light
9      Blanket and pillow
.       Bible and pen
1   Water Bottle!! With your name on it
1   Warm Coat
.     Money for 3 food meals (1 on Friday dinner, 1 on Sat lunch and 1 on Sunday lunch)

What to Bring for Skiing/Snowboarding Day: (If you don’t an item, ask about borrowing it)
 1. Waterproof ski/snowboard pants
 2. Waterproof Ski/snowboard Jacket
 3. Layers of Clothes
4. Thick Socks
5. Waterproof Gloves *mittens DO NOT work
6. Beanie and/or scarf
7. FaceMask or sunglasses
9. Sun screen and chapstick
10. Money for souvenirs at Mammoth Resort (optional) and money for lunch
11. We will be renting snowboards, skis, boots, ski poles and helmets (required for all) from Black Tie Ski Rentals.

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