Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Youth Group Food Challenge! (6/21/18)

On June 21st, youth group began with a stuff-your-face relay challenge, where the students ate a set amount of pretzels, oreos, or the like as quickly as possible in order to help their team win.
Aside from the flaming hot cheetos, fun was had by all.

Mission Trip (6/24/18-6/30/18)

During the last week of June, the youth had the pleasure of attending Grace's mission trip to LA.

On Monday morning, the first day of the trip, we were led on a tour of downtown LA, in order to give us some context of where we would be serving for the week.

Both Monday and Tuesday, the group had the opportunity of serving at Union Rescue Mission (URM). On Monday, males and females from Skid Row separated into their respective "day rooms" and the men played games such as ping-pong while the women painted nails in order to strike up conversation in what was called "relational ministry". On Tuesday, we directly served the people at URM lunch, in more of service-directed ministry.

Every evening, we had worship with live music and short devotional videos. Tuesday, we had a special worship time on the roof of URM. It was wonderful to be able to send up-lifting music down to the streets of Skid Row, and was one of many highlights of the trip.

On Wednesday, the group was able to renovate a school garden, which was much needed since teachers are only allowed 1 hour outside of classes to tend the garden each week.

Below is a photo of Grace's group along with leaders and a church group from Tuscon, in front of the finished product of a clean garden.

On Wednesday, we helped around Hope Gardens, an area for women in need and their children. Some tended to the grounds or helped serve food, while others help watch and take care of the children.

Friday, we were allowed a 'free day', where we got to go the the Getty Museum and the Beach, in order to relax and recuperate after a physically and mentally trying week.

Saturday morning, everyone was sad to leave the friends we had made over the course of the week, but all were glad to return to our real showers and beds. Hopefully the service and love seen in LA can continue to be spread here in Ridgecrest!

Mulligan's Trip (6/18/18)

On the evening of June 18th, a large group of Grace Lutheran Youth took off towards Lancaster/Palmdale in the search of fun and games at the Mulligan Family and Fun Center.

We tried out many of the fun activities at Mulligan's, such as a high-strung rope obstacle course, a go-kart racetrack, a mini-golf course, a batting cage, bumper boats, indoor laser tag, and much more! 

The indoor arcade, pizza, and drinks allowed for a place where attendees could get out of the heat and find camaraderie with leaders and fellow youth alike.

We all left Mulligan's happy to have time to pay some games and build closer relationships with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

First Ever Youth Paint War! (6/11/18)

On June 11th, 2018 Grace Lutheran Youth participated in its first Paint War!  The youth all came in white t-shirts and good spirits to Upjohn Park.  After a few hours of paint-slinging, the youth returned home with new authentic "tie-dye" shirts and wide smiles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Aloha Party

Our summer kick-off was a fabulous Aloha Welcome Back Party on June 7...because everyone looks better in a grass skirt!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

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During the season of Lent, we challenge you to follow us on Instagram so you can learn about all the extra activities and opportunities going on. 


Fundraiser Jelly Bellies

Sell sweets, turn in order form, and then deliver before Easter!

Each person earns 40% from their sales toward their youth accounts. 
Sales started March 8. Pick up your selling packet today from the Youth Director. 
Sales end March 8.
Packets and money must be turned in by March 8. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Summer PLanning

LCMC Youth Gathering For 9th-12th grade students (your fall 2018 grade):

@ Grand View University Des Moines, Iowa
July 16-21 (dates may vary due to airline tickets)

$ First non-refundable $100 deposit due March 15

What it is: Students and youth leaders spend a week in dorms at  Grand View University in Iowa connecting with other high school students from across the nation, and on our free days visiting Adventure Land Theme Park , Adventure Bay Water Park and the state capital

Youth & Family Mission Trip For 7th grade students-High School graduates and families (your fall 2018 grade)
 Sunday, June 24– Saturday, June 30
In Los Angeles, CA, lodging in
Sylmar, CA

$ First non-refundable deposit $100 due March 15

What is it: Grace Lutheran has taken a team of youth and adults in 2015-2017. Half of the week is spent at the Union Rescue Mission, working in kitchen, making relationships, cleaning walls and major projects. The second half of week is spent outdoors, working in gardens, playing with children, and cleaning a facility. Participants learn so much about LA culture, the state of homelessness, and how to make a difference. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fundraising Pizza Factory

Fundraising for Youth

Dine-in or take-out to Pizza Factory or Beansters and mention The Youth Group at Grace Lutheran Church 
and 30% of proceeds will be donated. 

Friday, January 26
Sunday, February 18
Friday, March 23
Saturday, April 21

Located: 1601 N Triangle Drive 
By the movie theater

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Going to High School Mammoth Trip?

High School Winter Event: Mammoth
Leaders: Andi Berryman, Amy Long, Dean Mallory and Dave Doerr
Departing: Friday, January 19 3:30pm Church Parking Lot
Returning: Sunday, January 21 4:00pm Church Parking Lot
Packing List:
         Warm clothing for 3 days- Think about layers
2       Snow boots or extra shoes for snow play
3      Water proof gloves, beanie/hat
4     Thermals/long johns
6      Flip Flops for shower (floor is cold)
7      Slippers (floor is cold) and pjs
8     Flash Light
9      Blanket and pillow
.       Bible and pen
1   Water Bottle!! With your name on it
1   Warm Coat
.     Money for 3 food meals (1 on Friday dinner, 1 on Sat lunch and 1 on Sunday lunch)

What to Bring for Skiing/Snowboarding Day: (If you don’t an item, ask about borrowing it)
 1. Waterproof ski/snowboard pants
 2. Waterproof Ski/snowboard Jacket
 3. Layers of Clothes
4. Thick Socks
5. Waterproof Gloves *mittens DO NOT work
6. Beanie and/or scarf
7. FaceMask or sunglasses
9. Sun screen and chapstick
10. Money for souvenirs at Mammoth Resort (optional) and money for lunch
11. We will be renting snowboards, skis, boots, ski poles and helmets (required for all) from Black Tie Ski Rentals.

Youth Ministry Break Dec 24-Jan 13

Youth Ministry Break Dec 24-Jan 13
See you at Youth Group on Thursday Jan 18 5:30-7pm
& High School hour at 7-8pm