Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Youth Halloween Party

November 2 5:30-8:00pm 

The Weekend  HEAT: Halloween Party
Costume Contest,

games & food!

Youth helpers needed

On Tuesday, October 24 we are showing the Luther Film at 7pm in Sanctuary. 

Youth please come at 6:30pm and help sell concessions. 
All proceeds will go to the Frontier's Mission team headed by Roxanne and Jeff Johnson. 

Family Camping 1 Night Adventure

Family Camping 1 Night AdventureMeet at church parking lot on Friday, Nov 10 at 3:00pm OR meet us there. Return back to church on Saturday around 4pm.

Location: Trona Pinnacles, located approximately 20.0 miles east of Ridgecrest. Access to the site is from a BLM dirt road (RM143) that leaves SR 178, about 7.7 miles east of the intersection of SR 178 and the Trona-Red Mountain Road. The 5.0-mile long dirt road from SR 178 to the Pinnacles is usually accessible to 2-wheel drive vehicles.

No cell service (unless you have Verizon). If you get lost, call Andi 928-266-5318.  
There is a portable toilet and no running water.

Need camping gear? Contact Andi Berryman to see what you can borrow. Don’t want to pack your own food? $15 per person provides for dinner (hot dogs and chili, smores) breakfast (cereal and fruit), and lunch (sandwiches and veggies).
OR pack your meals and bring what you like. 

Maximum cost for families is $30.

Youth are encouraged to come with their families. Youth coming individually, will need a complete medical release form, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and $15.